Elder Law Attorney

An elder law attorney is a lawyer who focuses on handling the specialized needs of older adults. These are legal professionals who can handle matters of finance and estate planning, which are significant issues for older adults. They can also handle day-to-day legal issues involving older adults in assisted living facilities and other types of care provided to seniors.

Legal Advice

When a person or their family member is in declining health, they may want to begin planning for the future. This is a time to speak with an elder law attorney. They will understand the issues facing an elderly person and can assist with any forms they may need to complete or any process they may have to go through to resolve an issue.

Legal Services

The importance of estate planning, wills, probate proceedings and more can be explained by an elder law attorney. They know how to plan for long-term health care options including health care power of attorneys and more. Senior adults can get help with financial planning, housing options as well as gift tax matters and more. An attorney can help with the selection and appointment of a legal guardian. It’s also possible for them to help locate an appropriate long-term care facility as well as help manage costs. An attorney can help a senior adult and their family learn about nursing home rights and file a claim against a nursing home if necessary. They will also know how to draft a durable power of attorney, advance directives, create a living will and more.

Legal Service Cost

A person can pay for the legal services provided by an elder law attorney using different methods. It’s possible for a person to be charged a flat rate for some legal services. Other legal services may be more complicated and require a significant amount of time to complete. These services may be billed using an hourly rate. This is often the case with fiduciary administration as well as providing guardianship management. The cost of legal services will be discussed upfront when meeting with an elder law attorney.

Financial Concerns

An attorney can help establish a person to be the authority in handling a senior adult’s finances. They can also help if someone has been abusing this authority. These attorneys can help a person determine where a person’s estate goes when they’re deceased. They’ll know about estate taxes and more.

Long-Term Care

It’s important for a senior adult who resides in a facility to be in a place that is suitable for them. If a senior adult has physical or mental issues, the facility must be able to accommodate for it. A senior adult needs to understand their individual situation. They need to realize if it’s time they could benefit from moving into a facility or are still able to care for themselves. Our elder law attorney can help people understand the difference between assisted living and senior living. Should moving into a facility require selling a home and more; our elder law attorneys can help.


A senior adult needs to decide their end of life care. It may be important to select someone who can communicate their decisions for them if a situation occurs where they can’t. A person may apply for Medicaid or Medicare. Should they be denied; an attorney can help. This is the same case if it involves applying for Veterans Administration (VA) benefits.

Contact Our Elder Law Attorney

If you or a loved one are facing a situation requiring the knowledge and experience of an elder law attorney, contact Brandon L. Campbell. It’s important to understand he is an advocate for the elderly and their loved ones. He will know what legal steps need to be taken so issues involving senior adults can be resolved.