Do I Need to Hire an Elder Law Attorney?

Massachusetts Attorney Advocates for the Elderly

Massachusetts Elder Law AttorneyEvery family is unique and may experience its own set of changes and challenges. However, most families eventually find themselves confronting the question of how best to care for and protect its elderly members. Discussions about elder care facilities or dedicated caregivers are not easy, but they are essential. When these conversations do happen, they often lead to estate planning questions. Sometimes, disputes may arise concerning a loved one’s healthcare and/or assets. When this happens, you may feel overwhelmed with confusion over what is truly best for your loved one. However, an elder law attorney can help you with all of these issues and can advise you on your legal options to protect your elderly loved one.

An elder law attorney focuses on handling the specialized needs of older adults. These lawyers can handle matters of finance and estate planning, which are significant issues for older adults. They can also handle day-to-day legal issues involving older adults in assisted living facilities and other types of care provided to seniors. At the Law Office of Brandon L. Campbell, we help families with a wide range of elder law issues. Whether you have questions about your elderly loved one’s estate plan or need help with nursing home negligence concerns, we are here for you.

What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

As an elder law attorney, Brandon L. Campbell can advise you on a variety of issues related to the well-being of your senior relatives. These include:

  • Estate Planning. When you or a family member is in declining health, you want to begin planning for the future. We can explain the law and offer assistance with any filings you may need to complete.
  • Power of Attorney. We assist seniors and families with powers of attorney, which determine who has the legal right to make certain decisions for an elderly person.
  • Financial Concerns. We help you establish a person to be the authority in handling your or a loved one’s finances. We can also identify if someone has been abusing this authority.
  • Healthcare. End-of-life care is more important as people continue to live longer. We can help you select someone to communicate your decisions for you, or can interpret your loved one’s wishes as established in a will or estate plan. Should you or a loved one be denied for Medicaid or Medicare, or VA benefits, our attorney can help.
  • Long-Term Care. If a loved one has any physical or mental health issues, then we find a facility that accommodates for it. Our elder law attorney can help you understand the difference between assisted living and senior living. Should moving into a facility require selling a home and more, our elder law attorneys can help.
  • Legal Service Cost. You may be charged a flat rate for some legal services, while complicated services may be billed using an hourly rate. This is often the case with fiduciary administration as well as guardianship management. Your cost of legal services will be discussed upfront, with you in the driver’s seat.

What Is Elder Law Estate Planning?

Estate planning involves much more than just plugging names and data into forms you may have seen online. It is about examining your family’s financial situation and having an attorney educate you about your options, given your goals and estate wishes. To help you develop a comprehensive estate plan, our elder law attorney focuses on:

  • Saving money. You want your assets to go to your beneficiaries efficiently. Our firm can help you move your assets through a trust, minimizing legal fees and tax liability. We can also advise you on gift and estate tax matters.
  • Protecting assets. If you or someone you love requires long term care or becomes disabled, then medical costs can quickly stack up. In some cases, these costs can consume your estate’s assets, leaving nothing for your beneficiaries. We can advise you of your options for affording medical care for yourself or a loved one.
  • Distributing your assets according to your wishes. Depending on the complexity of your estate and your wishes concerning your assets, you may benefit from establishing trusts or transferring assets into different entities. If you are acting on behalf of an elderly loved one, then we can assist you in handling his or her assets according to his or her wishes.

Need Help with Powers of Attorney, Nursing Care or Estate Law? Call an Elder Law Attorney

Are you concerned about an elderly loved one’s healthcare options? Need help to choose a qualified assisted living facility? Do you want to put safeguards on your assets so they are not lost to nursing home costs? Do you have special needs, such as a disabled beneficiary or second marriage for a beneficiary? With our law firm’s combined elder law and estate planning experience, we are well equipped to help you with any of these issues.

If you or a loved one is facing a situation requiring the knowledge and experience of an elder law attorney, then we can help. Our firm advocates for the elderly and their loved ones. We know the legal steps that you need to take to resolve any issues you have involving elder law. Call the Law Office of Brandon L. Campbell at (978) 745-5551 or contact us through our online form.