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How Civil Legal Aid Has Helped Senior Adults in Massachusetts

The number of retirement-age senior adults in our country is growing; between the years of 2020 and 2030 the number of seniors will increase by 18 million. With the baby boomer generation aging and beginning to live with serious illnesses, the need for a better and more effective health care system is even more important. Additionally, there are about $6 million senior adults in America that are now living in poverty; they are struggling financially due to cuts to pension and safety net programs, longer life spans, rising health care costs, and deficient retirement savings. Civil legal aid provides free legal assistance to low-income people facing non-criminal legal problems; this is a great program to assist senior citizens in securing proper health care and housing and to protect them financially. There are a few civil legal services in Massachusetts that are fighting (financial) elder abuse:

What Are Some Civil Legal Aids in Massachusetts?

There are civil legal organizations in Massachusetts that are specifically dedicated to focusing on the legal needs of the senior population. The Greater Boston Legal Services’ (GBLS) Elder Abuse Prevention Project not only assists elder clients, but also provides training for care providers, community members and seniors to raise public awareness of the forms of financial and emotional elder abuse.

The MetroWest Legal Services’ (MWLS) Senior Citizen’s Legal Project helps seniors in Massachusetts with housing, health care, nursing home issues, domestic relationships, and other similar dilemmas. MWLS attorneys have advocated and fought for seniors when it came to lease negotiations, medical malpractices, and other examples.

As we face a near future of assisting a large population of senior Americans, it’s extremely important for us to improve our senior care, and continue to grow our already existing legal services. If you or a loved one is facing a situation where you need more information on Massachusetts legal services for the elderly, contact the North Shore Planning. Our office will assist you with any financial concerns, long-term care questions, and healthcare worries.