Marriage and the Nursing Home

A touching article in the New York Times is circulating on social media sites describing the marriage of two people well into their nineties in Middletown, New York. Putting romantic issues aside, from the stand point of protecting assets from the nursing home, marriage can be beneficial or risky depending on the assets each spouse…. Read More

New Guidance from SJC on MassHealth Planning

The Supreme Judicial Court rendered its long-awaited decisions in Daley v. HHS (SJC-12200) and Nadeu v. Medicaid (SJC-12205) today. The Court held that “neither the grant in an irrevocable trust of a right of use and occupancy in a primary residence to a [MassHealth] applicant nor the retention by an applicant of a life estate…. Read More

Paul J. Liacos Award for Mental Health Advocacy

On April 25, 2017, Attorney Campbell was awarded the Paul J. Liacos Award for Mental Health Advocacy. Attorney Campbell was presented the award at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston by the Committee for Public Counsel Services. The award recognizes Attorney Campbell’s dedication representing poor and mentally ill litigants in the Commonwealth.