Concerned About Your Disabled Loved One?

A Special Needs Planning Attorney Can Help

When you are gone, you will want your loved ones to be protected. Creating a trust is a great way to ensure their protection. However, having a loved one with special needs leaves you with more things to consider. For example, many government programs often have strict requirements for eligibility. Some of these requirements are health-related. The government may determine that your loved one with special needs is not eligible for a particular program. A Massachusetts trust attorney will work with you and secure these benefits for your loved one. He or she will strive to maintain your loved one’s benefits after you have passed. With the Law Office of Brandon L. Campbell, you will no longer have to worry about protecting your loved one. We will answer your most difficult questions and help you create a special needs trust. We offer assistance throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts, serving clients in Beverly as well as Reading, North Reading, and Woburn.

What Are Reasons for Becoming a Legal Guardian or Conservator?

Sometimes, a disabled person is well enough to make decisions and execute documents. Other times, a legal guardian is needed to make important decisions on his or her behalf. A special needs planning attorney can help you decide whether or not your loved one needs a legal guardian. If you decide to become a legal guardian or conservator, then we will walk you through the entire process. There are several reasons for becoming a legal guardian or conservator. They include:

  • Peace of mind. Becoming a legal guardian or conservator lets family members know that a responsible party is making decisions. A special needs person may not have the capacity to consistently make smart choices. By taking control of the decision-making process, you are helping protect your loved one’s future.
  • Providing clear legal authority. By setting up a conservatorship or guardianship, you will become the legal authority for your loved one. This will come in handy when dealing with third parties who could potentially take advantage of a special needs person. Under your watch, the likelihood of your loved one being financially or physically abused is significantly lessened.
  • Setting up a process for approving major decisions. Before becoming a legal guardian or conservator, you must have a court hearing in front of a judge. You must also appear before a judge before making any major decisions. If the judge approves your decision, then you can take action on behalf of your loved one.

Can a Special Needs Trust Help Me Keep My Government Benefits?

While caring for a special needs person, you must make smart financial decisions on his or her behalf. For example, there are several ways that your loved one can apply to receive benefits. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is in place to guarantee a certain monthly income for people who are disabled. This helps them afford basic living expenses. The amount that your loved can collect depends upon several factors, including how much funding is available from the state and federal government.

If your loved one qualifies for SSI, then they should also qualify for Medicaid. This is a healthcare system run by the government with the intention of covering a variety of medical costs. We can help you determine which benefits your loved one is eligible to collect.

Along with SSI, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is a government program that your loved one may be eligible to receive. SSDI provides benefits to disabled people who are unable to work. However, your loved one must meet the strict requirements set forth by the Social Security Administration in order to be eligible.

We will help determine whether or not your loved one meets the eligibility standards for SSDI. As a legal guardian or conservator, applying for benefits can help your loved one maintain a high standard of living. It is your responsibility to act in the best interest of your loved one. Our firm will help your loved one apply for government benefits and maintain those benefits once you are gone.

Worried for the Future? Contact a Special Needs Planning Attorney

Even if you live a long life, creating a special needs trust will help give you peace of mind. When caring for a disabled loved one, it is natural to wonder how he or she would survive without supervision. By establishing legal guardianship and creating a special needs trust, you are protecting them from any negative outside influences.

If you want to create a special needs trust, then you should contact the Law Office of Brandon L. Campbell today at (978) 745-5551 and schedule a consultation. You can also contact us online and send us a message about your case. We look forward to meeting with you soon. We handle cases throughout the North Shore and see clients in Reading, North Reading, Woburn and all the surrounding areas.