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How Can I Minimize My Estate Taxes?

An estate tax is a type of death tax that is imposed on the decedent’s estate before any distributions are made to beneficiaries. Estate taxes are different from inheritance taxes, which actually are imposed on the beneficiaries themselves. Estate taxes can be a burden because some people still might have to pay them after their…. Read More

Trust Law “Back to Normal” in Pfannenstiehl Decision

The Supreme Judicial Court issued a long-awaited decision in Pfannenstiehl v. Pfannenstiehl yesterday. The decision reversed a prior decision of the Appeals Court that upheld the inclusion of assets of a discretionary spendthrift trust in the marital estate of a divorcing couple. The Appeals Court decision, if it had been allowed to stand, would have…. Read More

Estate Planning Not Only for Seniors

It was reported today that actor Anton Yelchin, noted for his roles in the rebooted Star Trek franchise and who passed away June 19 in a freak accident involving what may have been a defective vehicle, died without a will. He left behind a $1.4 million estate consisting of approximately $641,000 in personal property and…. Read More